Last update: September 2, 2021

Our current hours are Monday – Saturday, 10:00AM-6:00PM.
(Stable but subject to change, check this page for updates.)
We are abiding by current county/state health mandates regarding masks. At the time of this update, that means masks for everyone. When authorities lift the mask mandate, we will follow suit.

For those who are uncomfortable shopping in our store, for now, we are continuing to offer CURBSIDE SERVICE service as an alternative. Do understand that in-person customers have to take priority and while we can’t promise same day service for curbside orders, we will do our best, and most are done the same day.

We do appreciate your support of this long-time Santa Cruz family business.

Thank you! —Andrew Lenz Jr.

Please read completely before you place a curbside order.

CUSTOM FRAMING: Our custom framing services are available. Very high demand and unplanned delays beyond our control are happening, so we appreciate your patience. Turnaround times are far longer than has been historically typical. Check our website home page for framing updates, at some times, we’ve had to suspend taking new orders to catch up on our schedule.


Due to all the extra labor involved, there is a $20 minimum for curbside purchases. (This includes items from our framing department.) We will also have to include the city-required bag fee with most purchases.

Curbside ordering is done via the link found below.

We will gather the materials then call you for confirmation and a credit/debit card number. (We cannot take cash or checks!)

Curbside orders may be submitted at any time and will be processed first come, first serve, between customers we are serving in our store.

PICKUP: When you arrive in our parking lot, please pull up near our front door, then call us and we’ll take the materials out to your car, keeping a minimum distance.

Please don’t call us to place a curbside order unless you are unsuccessful placing your order online. (We may need to call you back if you call when it’s busy.)


For a “bird’s eye view” list of our inventory along with a bunch of paint color charts and available canvas sizes, visit here. Not all of our stock is listed, we have tens of thousands of items and are geared to walk in traffic.

There is also a virtual tour of part of our store done in 2016.

KIDS SUPPLIES! A high resolution photos of supplies for children can be found here:
General Kids’ Supplies (2.9MB)
Kids’ Projects 1 (1.7MB)
Kids’ Projects 2 (1.4MB)
Toddler Sets 1 (1.1MB)
Toddler Sets 2 (1.3MB)
Tween/Teen Sets 1 (1.2MB)
Tween/Teen Sets 2 (1.3MB)

In addition, we have mini activity books under $2 . . . stickers, temporary tattoos, stencils, etc.

Ok, now here’s the button for curbside ordering/inquiries:

CHECK THIS PAGE FOR UPDATES. Also sign up for our email list.

Some of curbside testimonials:

“Thanks Andrew
You spoke to my daughter, and she is very happy with your recommendations.
Thank you

“Thank you so much for making this project so painless and fun. Stay healthy. Charlene”

“Just wanted to thank you for the curbside sale. The products I purchased were exactly what I needed! And for anyone who says online prices are better, I found these items at [mail order] for a total of almost $70.00 and your total with tax was $65.00, so you are very competitive!

The Santa Cuz Art League is financially struggling due to the loss of income from classes and can use donations!
Alternatively, they are offering some in-person and online classes that will help them make ends meet: